PFC’s ‘Sustainable Forays’ – A way to play in the fray, and achieve change at end of the day!

PFC’s #SustainableForays (four As) awaken the conscience, accelerate empowerment, advance compassion and abolish cruelty to people, animals and the environment, and advocate for policy change to realize these goals.  Consider if this strategy for change aligns with your values. See for more information.

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Marc Benioff endorses The New Heart At Work, Profiled in Forbes

Calling The New Heart Heart At Work, “An amazing collection of stories that is sure to empower the reader,” Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO of endorses the book. Benioff in Forbes is photographed among 12 top philanthropists in the world.

Susan Cartsonis, Hollywood’s top grossing female producer advises PFC

Susan Cartsonis, Hollywood’s top grossing producer, advices PFC on advancement and empowerment of women in media

Partnerships For Change® is honored to announce the appointment of Susan Cartsonis to its Board of Advisors. Ms. Cartsonis, a highly acclaimed Producer of well-known films as What Women Want and Where The Heart Is, brings her commitment and innumerable talents to the advancement of women in the entertainment media. She leads the charge to empower women and positively impact the representation of women in all aspects of media. Susan is a Producer and President of Storefront Pictures and Chairs the Foundation Board of Trustees of Women in Film. Ms. Cartsonis has recently been appointed to the Independent Producer’s Committee at the Producer’s Guild of America. PFC is fortunate to receive the benefits of Susan’s extensive background in the media and look forward to expanding and empowering the community of women, globally.


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