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Fiscal Sponsorship & Development Services

Partnerships For Change® works on the ground with direct social actions projects and issue-based media, films and documentaries. Partnerships For Change® (PFC®) provides the service of fiscal sponsorship and networking for financial and knowledge support for projects with which our mission is aligned. Fiscal sponsorship is a very important service that we provide. PFC® is competitive in the fiscal sponsorship arena with an average administrative fee of 5% of funds raised for these projects. PFC@ builds the capacity of charitable projects and our fee is based on the intensity and unique level of support required.

We provide the added value of organization and financial development, talent procurement, design, packaging and distribution services in a warm and encouraging environment.

We charge a development fee for grants and donations secured on behalf of issue-based media projects that meet our strategic mission criteria and include social action campaigns to drive change.

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Fiscal Sponsorship Application

Media and Social Action Campaigns

Partnerships For Change® develops issue-based documentaries and films with a social action campaign to have impact and make change. PFC® serves as an Executive Producer and fiscal sponsor for these media projects.

We are developing timely, provocative, faith and issue-based documentaries and feature films. Each is fused with an important message and social action campaign to amplify and manifest compassionate principles. These feature films and documentaries showcase stories and solutions to racism, social injustice, poverty and cruelty.

For over twenty years we have been connecting people to join hands in service to humanity. PFC is strategically catalyzing as well as financially catalyzing these film projects. We invite you to be a partner with Partnerships For Change® and provide support to bring these important projects to the public.


Empowering Social and Spiritual Entrepreneurs


Women's Empowerment and Health Promotion

Lama Tenzin and Himalayan Kids

Accelerating Environmental, Economic and Personal Transformation

Jaipur Foot

Learning Journeys

Catalyzing Media as a Change Agent