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Since 1990, Partnerships For Change® (PFC) has promoted social and economic transformation through direct humanitarian action and sustainable development. Based in San Francisco, PFC is an international, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to positive transformation at the community level. PFC works with communities around the world, empowering individuals to achieve their full potential as well as building and strengthening community alliances. Our projects have included empowering social and spiritual entrepreneurs, empowering women, accelerating social, economic and environmental transformation, catalyzing change through the media and leading groups on global learning journeys.

Partnerships For Change® (PFC) has long been recognized and acknowledged as a global leader in human development along with organizations such as Amnesty International, Green Peace, Habitat for Humanity and PETA. PFC also works closely with the United Nations, United Nations Global Compact, United Nations Environment Programme and the United Nations Foundation. Our work has been featured on CNN, PBS, Nightly Business Report, CBS NBC, ABC, Orange County Register, as well as international newspapers, magazines and, radio stations and magazines.

PFC Support and Development With Partners

Fiscal sponsor

Partnerships For Change® works on the ground with direct social actions projects and issue-based media, films and documentaries.

Partnerships For Change® (PFC) provides the service of fiscal sponsorship and networking for financial and knowledge support for projects with which our mission is aligned. PFC is competitive in the fiscal sponsorship arena with an average administrative fee of 7% of funds raised for these projects. PFC builds the capacity of charitable projects and our fee is based on the intensity and unique level of support.

Our fees are very competitive with other fiscal sponsorship programs that offer similar services and resources. In addition to providing similar services in the marketplace, we provide the added value of organization and financial development, talent procurement, design, packaging and distribution services in a warm and encouraging environment.

Selectively we charge a 3-5% administrative fee for grants and donations received on behalf of certain scalable social enterprises that meet our issue-based criteria.

We charge no application fees or annual charges.

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Partnerships For Change® Recent Financial Statement

PFC applies the accounting standard for organizations and businesses that have sales or revenue of $5 million or less because it provides the most accurate picture of current financial status of cash on-hand and expenses at any particular time. (Source: NOLO.com)

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Empowering Social and Spiritual Entrepreneurs


Women's Empowerment and Health Promotion

Lama Tenzin and Himalayan Kids

Accelerating Environmental, Economic and Personal Transformation

Jaipur Foot

Learning Journeys

Catalyzing Media as a Change Agent