What type of organization is Partnerships For Change® (PFC)?

PFC is a nonprofit charitable 501(c)(3) organization under the laws of the I.R.S., in the United States of America.  PFC is incorporated in the state of Nevada.

How does PFC vet and choose its projects?

We use a social, economic and environment impact criteria for underserved communities to select projects. The project must satisfy substantial criteria from following questions:

  • Will it economically empower the community?
  • Will it improve the environment?
  • Will it help socially liberate at-risk populations?
  • Will it serve as a demonstration project for replication purposes?
  • Does it foster self-reliance and self-sustainability?
  • Does it empower innovative breakthrough models?
  • Does it serve toward a Tipping Point in that community?

How does PFC receive funds to complete projects?

PFC receives funds from private donations, grants, foundations, sales from products, and the Better Earth Note.

How are the funds spent?

In most instances, 10% of the funds we receive are designated for overhead, 5% – 10% for financial accounting, and the remainder of 80% – 85% is utilized for direct implementation of projects.


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